Shambhala Center

Please call the Shambhala Center for more details on the next offering of a specific class- 530.926.1331. 

Welcome to the Shambhala Center

We must have a true Source Connection and Know the True Aspects of The Creator before we can access the true power.

I am to begin teaching to all those that want to work with me to secure the Light of Heaven and the New Dream with Shambhala!

Study of Shambhala imparts advanced metaphysical knowledge and wisdom for this age and that of the new world to come. Advanced Masters are being drawn to these high Initiations and Wisdom Teachings to prepare for their next phase of ascension.

Shambhala, The Heavenly City of Light, is anchored on the Earth plane here at Mt. Shasta. It is the Shambhala Gold Entrance. Mastery is attainable in the physical here at Mt. Shasta because of the incredibly high vibrations! We will need these energies to form the New World that is coming for us all!

 - Susan Isabelle