Shambhala Center

The 13th skull is small because it is the HEART of the CHILD, The Child of PERFECTION of that which is to come.


It is to be given at the last day and goes back into heaven as the promise of a NEW DREAM!

Due to the small size of the skulls, Susan has been able to move freely about doing the work, sometimes without anyone even knowing it!

So why are they small? Here is a great mystery. You may read more about that in the channel from El Aleator, who explains it better than we can. But, we can tell you one thing....if they had been any larger than they are, Susan would have NEVER been able to RELIGHT THE FIRES for humanity and secure our place in the NEW WORLD TO COME!

She could not have reached the spaces required and her hand would not have fit into the slots!

God, in all wisdom, has "pulled a fast one" on us. Humor is always good...

Why are they SMALL?

Many years have come and gone now. Susan started this journey in 1999 at Mount Shasta. 

Years have gone by she has learned so much from the skulls.

Susan’s life has been given to seeing the fulfillment of the promise of the skulls. She sees that many people are looking for a great, big, mammoth, clear skull to be the 13th.