Shambhala Center

Susan is guided by the power of endlessness…
Look at how beautiful they are together!

They move the Light between them. They look as though they are one solid piece. That is how the template they hold is transferred so easily. This picture was taken at the Sedona Vortex. The infusion of the ONE HEART ONE MIND TEMPLATE was accomplished there.
With the galactic tone of integrity

She seals the output of timelessness . . .

"I will come and take away your stony heart and give you a new heart of flesh!"

Susan now realized what she has been given by the Mayan Spirits.

In Susan Isabelle’s books Activate The Crystal Skulls I and II, you'll read about El Za Ra and the wonderful miracle that happened in August 2004 on top of Mount Shasta, California, USA.

It was on that day the HEART was offered back to God/Goddess!! A great whirlwind carried the prayers back to Heaven!

Later, Susan learned that her new home in Mount Shasta has a beautiful Heart on its side that is many thousands of feet tall and just as wide!

Mount Shasta, California IS the place, the portal way of the ancients for the giving of the Sacred Heart.  In scripture, Revelations, it says that in the last days . . .

The skull El Aleator had been activated on the day of the alignment and gateway opening to the Pleiades system on May 20, 2000.

Was there a connection here?   Oh, yes. 

The sun passed directly overhead on May 19th and on that day, Susan Isabelle and El Aleator were directly aligned with the Pleiades system.

Susan is reminded of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Christian words, "Give your heart to Jesus." And Mary, holds the Sacred Heart. The Goddess. Yes, you'll learn of this too.....

Is it so strange to think that a Heart of a Child, with all its innocence and purity, would be that which the Highest looks for at the return?

In the last days, you will need to give your heart back to Creator. There's a New Dream coming. The theme of the ancients offering up their hearts to God in sacrifice was common. They believed it would keep the sun shining and avert the sure destruction of the Earth.

They followed closely the Venus movements and transits which made a curious pentagram shaped orbit in the universe. At each movement of time, sacrifices were made to appease God.

The skulls were very much a theme in the land of the Maya, the keepers of the times, and all throughout Central America.  Skulls were all over temples, in ball courts, and elsewhere. In Mexico, at a huge temple site called Teotihuacan, a large skull guarded the entrance to a secret chamber beneath the temple. In particular, it was set to face the rising Pleiades star system.