Shambhala Center

Kuan Yin- Goddess of Mercy and Compassion
Acrylic Paint - 24x36

Completed on January 4, 2015

By Valerie Pusceddu

Dedicated to Susan Isabelle

Thank you for all you do for humanity!

The first time I visited the Shambhala Center was Thanksgiving 2011. My 9 year old son was with me. He's been sick his whole childhood and heavily wheezing as usual. Susan takes one look at him and asks, "May I please do something for your son?" "Sure," I respond not really thinking about what I'm saying because I'm so distracted by all the beautiful jewelry in the store. She picks up a selenite wand and explains how to use it. I'm only half listening because the jewelry is so amazing! Suddenly I hear, "I can feel that!"  My son's ears are glowing red and his face is flush. The dark circles under his eyes are gone, and his labored breath has vanished. I don't believe five minutes had passed. It's a miracle! He is a new person; this is his second year in track & field. He rides his bike around town hanging out with friends no matter what the air quality is like. But most amazingly, instead of struggling with schoolwork, he is now an honor roll student!  

Imagine a life filled with light and happiness. Imagine a life filled with love and fulfillment. Imagine a life of health and well being. After forty-three years of suffering, illness and discontent, I came to Mt. Shasta and the Shambhala Center desperate for answers. I read Susan's first book, On Assignment with Adama, and realized Spirit brought me to Mt Shasta so I could finally take control of my life. I had no idea what I was seeking; I was just sick and tired of being sick and tired. As a public school parent-volunteer, I was constantly battling every illness out there. I suffered from allergies and headaches, not to mention PMS and depression. I was sick ALL THE TIME!  A year later I look back and laugh! As a Shambhala student, I have the skills necessary to keep optimal health, not only physically, but emotionally and spiritually.  I wake up everyday in gratitude, thankful for the experience, excited for the day.  I'm so incredibly grateful to Susan and Shambhala, and to Spirit! I can finally move through life with a sense of ease and security!

Blessings to All,
Sandy G.

Prior to July 2013, I was not practicing spirituality. I barely had a true notion of what that was although my mother had been quite the advocate for as long as I could remember. My mother had just returned from a brief stay in Mt. Shasta and her recount of this experience aroused my curiosity.  As a result, I found myself looking up Adama. I didn't know if he was a man or deity but his name struck me and my findings led me straight to Susan Isabelle. As an author on spirituality, it was her book titled “On Assignment with Adama: Mt. Shasta, Telos, Lemuria, and Sacred Earth Sites, Book I” that first caught my attention. I decided to read it at once and was immediately drawn in to the whirlwind of adventure, accounts of out of body experiences, encounters with beings of other planets, a supernatural crystal skull, and Susan's ability to transcend our physical limitations. It was then that I decided to learn more about this phenomenal woman and visited her website. I purchased her remaining titles and booked a Destiny Reading for good measure. Since then, my life has never been the same. After the reading, Susan and I coordinated a Crystal Skulls class as well as Shambhala, Levels 1 & 2 course in Miami, FL. Later that summer, I visited Mount Shasta, her home and place of divine service, and attended her Shambhala Mastery Level 3 and her Kuan Yin healing class as well. I recently received the Melchizedek Initiation on the flowery moon of May and I’m planning to attend her Earth Healing and Karuna class this summer. In less than 2 years, I have become a healer, I work the ley lines on earth to bring peace and love to humanity, I've changed my outlook, attitude and general wellbeing for the better to help myself and the people ascend. And to think, my journey all started because of a book I read. Susan is a wonderful teacher, friend and humanitarian and I highly recommend her classes to all of you interested in learning the spiritual way to healing, love and compassion. I am blessed and honored to have her in my life and would like nothing more than to extend this honor with all of you.

Many blessings and love,

Val P.

On November 5th, several days after my skulls were activated, I discovered a squirrel that was stuck on the top of a telephone pole in my backyard. Apparently the squirrel had suffered from burns due to wire contact. I noticed the squirrel after hearing it literally crying for help.  I first tried to talk to the squirrel as if that would get it down. After racking my brain for more than two hours I kept observing the squirrel. It's cry was getting less and less frequent as well as its body movements. I climbed on the roof of my house and weighed out other options of getting it down, all of which seemed too dangerous for myself to try. At this point 5 hours had passed and I was pressed to leave for work. As I went to leave I remembered one more option, the skulls! I thought, hey why not give it a try. So I went inside and grabbed the skulls and the handbook. I proceeded to open my mind and heart to the Creator. I recited the Sastun prayer saying MEM HEY SHIN several times, asking for instantaneous healing of the squirrel, claiming it in the name of the Father, Mother and Son. I breathed in a beam of light through the top of my head, letting it build in my heart, I exhaled through my hands and into the skulls. I had the skulls facing the squirrel and the creature instantly jerked and made a completely different high pitched sound. I then spoke LAMED ALEPH VAV, meaning great escape, breathing in through my head, into my heart and out through the skulls in the name of the Father, Mother and the Son. After over 5 hours the squirrel "INSTANTLY" climbed down the side of the pole. AND SO IT IS!!!! I thanked the Creator for this small but profound little miracle.

With Love and Gratitude,

Bryan B.