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​She is the only living Crystal Skull Keeper that was given a genuine skull by the Maya. It is known as the 13th or Sacred Heart of the Child, because it changes its shape to become a child’s heart. Susan has learned how to use it--the Maya predicted she would do so.

The Heart was given to Susan to be kept at Mt. Shasta in 2004 because Mt. Shasta is the end of the Blue (Spiritual) Path, and the 4th Pyramid of Mexico, “Where God meets Man.”

​In this day of vast knowledge, a new understanding of the Maya teaching is possible. The Maya were Keepers of Crystal Skulls given to them by the Son of the Divine Couple that were to hold the Creator’s THOUGHT.

​​Currently, Susan owns and operates the Shambhala Center in Mt. Shasta, CA where you may also view the Heart of the Maya.
The Shambhala teaching of Susan Isabelle now spans across the earth in at least 33 countries. Hundreds, if not thousands, of people have learned various aspects of these teachings from Susan over the last twenty years and many more have read her published books.

​From Shambhala Healing, Kabbala and Fire Codes, to Earth Healing and Crystal Skulls, Susan has shared her knowledge.
Initially, Susan refused the skull, but later that night the Maya returned again saying, "The villages have met. You are the Keeper. You must take the skull!"
Susan wrote her first book, ‘On Assignment With Adama’ as a result of all that happened to her while at Mt. Shasta and for her first two 'assignments.'

​Little did she know that one day, she would be moving to Mt. Shasta to complete the missions!

On one of her assignments, May 20, 2000, Susan touched the 13th Crystal Skull and something began to happen to her. She grew in size and several crystal skull images began appearingaround and above her. It was then that the Maya knew she was the Keeper of the Maya skull. Susan is the only living Crystal Skull Keeper that has been GIVEN a crystal skull by the Maya and recognized as a skull keeper. They told her, "TAKE THIS! You will know how to use it. You are the Keeper!"
​Before leaving Shasta she was anointed by Melchizedek, the Priestly Form of Jesus Christ, who initiated her into 5 levels of the Divine Feminine. For 24 hours Susan was between worlds andwas shown many things that were to come. Her body could not keep clothing on as the clothes simply fell through her and onto the ground. She also received her true name at this time, Al'Lat Le Andro Melchizedek.

She had come to Earth from her people in Andromedia. Susan understood for the first time that she had been sent here as an emissary to assist the Earth's transition; to help not only Earth, but also to help her people. She understood that as Earth ascends, so do the others within the Universe. It was time for ancient Andromedia to enter into the Light.
In 1999, for over three months, she was taught to "Bring Heaven To Earth" in dreams upon a sacred mountain. This culminated in her going to Mount Shasta to perform this sacred ceremony as she had been taught in the dreams. Once completed, she met Adama, The High Priest of the Lemurian peoples at Mount Shasta, who requested she do this ceremony at 36 locations across the Earth. She agreed to the new assignment.
​In 1998, she opened the Gaila Goddess Specialty Shoppe and Shambhala Healing Center in Manchester, NH and kept that center open until 2003. Growing, it became a full center with anauditorium for 150 people where she taught extensively. She taught people about God, Love, Shekhina and The Goddess.

Her students became Reiki Therapists and helped her in the work there. Many people were miraculously healed and went on to become teachers themselves. Many of her students were witnesses to the sun spinning out of the sky, Kuan Yin and the angels' appearance over the Shambhala Center and many other miracles that defy explanation that can be read in detail in her books. Today, many of them have centers of their own.
​Later that same year, Susan was in the desert of Arizona teaching a group of people. During the night, 3 glorious persons appeared to her and her two companions. They were Christ, Buddha, and Melchizedek. She received an initiation that night that was to begin a whole new phase of her work. Instantly, the abilities she had as a healer increased, and her teaching expanded. Hundreds of people were finding her, wanting to become students.
In 1997, St. Germaine appeared to Susan for the first time. The photo was taken in 1999 when he appeared once again, allowing this photo to to be taken. He told her to prepare to "Give an Earth Healer's Class," then disappeared.

Susan advertised the class even though she didn't know how to do the class. The morning of the class, she was shown a holographic "video" demonstrating how to do the class, the attuning symbols and training by St. Germaine which she is still teaching today! Through this class, Susan became aware of the Living Entity of Lady Gaia. She is real; she has consciousness and we can reach her, but we have forgotten the way.
Soon after, Susan was teaching monthly in Concord and in Bedford, NH and running her own clinics. Susan adopted the name, Susan Isabelle, in order to keep her professional life, and her personal life as a healer, separate.
Susan determined that to do the new work, she would need as much education and understanding of Soul and Light as she could attain. She became, what she describes as, a "sponge". As part of her training she became a Licensed Teacher through the International Center For Reiki Teaching by William Rand. That position did not last long however, as the lesson here was that Susan had another role to play; God had other plans for her. Big plans.
In 1989, Susan suffered a divorce and then an injury that left her crippled for 9 months, barely able to walk. During that time she was introduced to Reiki which healed her after all other traditional therapies had failed. Susan became a Master Teacher, practicing in clinics and teaching in a small room above a jewelry store in NH.

‘Helping the people’ took on a whole new meaning for Susan. Her work as a social worker had taught her that although we do need to care for one another, the SOUL of a person is the person's greatest need. Healing one another through touch and love was a way to extend the love of God to the soul of mankind.

​True healing of humanity, true ‘helping the people’, could only come through that love; for until mankind's soul was healed, mankind could never see the need of his brother or sister. The destiny and welfare of humanity depended upon that understanding and compassion.

Before Susan could even fathom the future events for herself, they were already in place.

​She completed her degree in Human Services as a social worker for the State of Massachusetts. Susan, on the left of the newspaper clipping, helped to write grants for the homeless, pregnant, and parenting teens and abused children. She became chairperson for the State of MA for the Office For Children and advocated in Washington, DC for childcare bills and homeless families during the 1980's.
Susan remembered that somewhere outside, in the snow, was a little sapling tree her husband had cut up during the summer. If she could find it perhaps they could use the wood in the stove.

​Wandering outside with her two young sons, ages 5 and 6, Susan dug under the snow until she found the cut up little pieces of wood. Her son's eager hands took the pieces as she struggled to pull them out of the hole from the snow and ice. "Here, take these and put them by the back door for me. I'll try to get some more out." She told her two boys as they took the little pieces in their arms. Then they returned for more. Susan didn't even look up as she pulled the pieces of wood out of the snow. Just a few minutes later, both boys stood in front of her, "Mom, we're cold."

"I know Honey" Susan said as she stood up to face them. Then sheglanced over their shoulders toward the house. "Oh, My God!" Susan screamed. Then she fell to her knees and cried.  Instead of a little pile by the back door, wood was stacked 30 feet long, completely across the whole back of the basement, about 3 feet high! There was enough wood there for the entire winter!

That day, Susan learned another lesson; God, our Creator, is a God of Miracles. That knowledge was necessary for her to go and "Help the People." She knew then that everything she'd ever need would be provided.
​Within a few days she experienced a second miracle that would give her some understanding of how God would help her. It was Winter, 1972, in NH and it was cold! So cold that the young family could not afford to pay the heat and the children's father was still upstairs, very ill, and unable to work. They were freezing and had no money.
Unlike much of the teachings of the New Age that we are GOD, Susan also learned something that day as she stood before the Throne of God; we are NOT God. God is our Creator, we are the Thoughts of His Mind and of the Mother's Compassionate Love that brought us into being. We are the little "g" gods. We are the product of the Father's THOUGHT and will one day be given many gifts.

"HOW? How am I going to help the people, Lord?"
Escorted by angels, she found herself in the Presence of God. While she was there, she was commanded, "GO BACK AND HELP THE PEOPLE!" 

An hour and a half later, she was returned to her body.

​Shaking on her bed, she could only cry.
In 1972, Susan was a very young mother to two children and married to a man that had become gravely ill. They lived in NH. One night, she prayed for him, pleading with God until 3am as he labored to breathe. Suddenly, she felt as though she was being squeezed from head to toe! The air was compressed out of her body and to her surprise, she found herself floating above her body while looking down at her husband and her own body below. She was taken into Heaven's Pure Light.
The life-changing moment of impact occurred at age 12 when she made a trip to the north east, traveling up through the southern states. She saw the tragic situation of the black people from the back seat of the car; the visions of extremely poor, naked children playing outside their shacks on large plantation-style lands of the rich growing tobacco, still haunts her memories today. 

Later, the visits with her father to bring food and help these families that lived in the swampy back bay areas of Florida taught her the need for human compassion and the need to make changes in the world.

At that time she vowed to help the people one day. She became an advocate of human rights at a very young age and fought hard for civil rights, even while in high school.
The beginning of her life was just a hint to the lifelong adventure to come. A series of early trials and experiences prepared her for life off the beaten path. She was raised by both parents in the 1960's during times of civil unrest while living in the deep south. Shortly after she was four years old, pictured, her father packed up the whole family to live in a remote coastal town off the coast of Florida called Sunny Side Beach.

It was here that her love and reverence for all of nature was nurtured. She especially remembers the year a dolphin was washed into a nearby inlet. He became one of her closest friends as they played together in the summer months. The nearest store was nearly an hour drive away, so human friends were far and few between. Susan had the time of her life playing with the dolphin. Holding his fin he’d swirl her through the water as they played all day long.
Her life has been filled with mystery and adventure! She really is Indiana Jones!

How Susan came to the Keeper responsibility is quite a story in itself. So, we will share excerpts of her books with you on some of the details of her personal story so you may begin to understand the depths of this "Indiana Jones!” Her books are available in our store and are filled with much more incredible details!

​Susan Isabelle was born in Massachusetts, USA in 1949. Her mother was from Canada and of the French and Iroquois Indian lineage. She inherited her fair complexion from her English father.

Susan Isabelle is the Keeper of the 13th Crystal Skull of the Maya

Who Is Susan Isabelle?