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Please call the Shambhala Center for more details on the next offering of this class- 530.926.1331. 

Shambhala Level 1 & Shambhala Practitioner Level 2

(4 days- CEU units offered) 

Your first Shambhala Workshop integrates an entirely new use of Heaven's Light by using the Three Aspects of All Creation. You are acclimated into the 3 Aspects in a sacred ceremony that honors the Creator Of All, the Light of All Truth, Mercy and Compassion, Wisdom and Understanding, and puts you in direct contact with the Divine. 

This is unlike anything you have experienced before. Reiki and all other forms of energy healing, use an old energy that is not advanced enough to prepare you for the new dream that has manifested after 2012. It is time for us to step into Light and integrate the knowledge that has been given to Susan to help the people.

"This allows the practitioner to 'work from the inside out' and changes the cellular structure in minutes. The results are astounding- you will see immediate response, plus this is really easy to do!"
- Susan Isabelle

Susan's unique gifts as a Melchizedek have given her the ability to open her students crown chakra into the full halo lotus, activate your merkaba, and help you develop your personal luminescent magnetic field. 

This is truly a life changing experience in both opening ones consciousness to the highest vibration, while at the same time, learning practical techniques to share your light work with others. 

"I will activate these 3 Energies and teach you HOW to use them. The Blueprint of each individual is restored to health as you connect to the Thought Form of Creator." - Susan Isabelle

Activation of the Shekhina, Divine Feminine Empowerment

That is the Divine Feminine Empowerment. Gifts of healing, prophesy and knowledge come with this Light. 

Activation of the Christ Light

Giving you the ability to use Divine Creative Forces is a very great gift from the Creator to you. With this gift, you will have the ability to restore the physical body of others and yourself. There have been many wonderful spontaneous healings with this energy! This is the original Light, sound and vibration energies that created all things. To create true wellness, this is needed.

The three complete energy frequencies may be used individually or together in your energy work, earth healing and personal life.  The attunement is spiritually and emotionally profound as you finally make the connection back to the Creator and begin to understand who you really are. 

Also the third eye is ‘rewired’, so to say, to give you psychic and intuitive abilities.

You will find that true Shambhala is not just an "energy" but a personage of the Divine Creator; Divine Thought of the Father, Love of The Mother and the Creative Light of the Christ. Our Creator is a God of Love and is Light!

You will also learn the importance of maintaining an electrical field connection to mother earth, as well as a daily meditation of opening to heaven's light and learning how to bring the light energy into oneself for personal wellness. You will also learn the 3 energy symbols and the 2 healing symbols. 

In Shambhala Level 2- The Halo Opening 

You will learn 3 more healing symbols for extracting dense energies, reducing inflammation, instantly reduce pain and swelling, restructure the physical and experience the transformation of matter through the Divine Feminine, The Shekhina. 

You will also receive a truly transformative Christ Light halo opening activation connecting you to Divine Source, raising your conscious in a profound and deeply healing way. 

Shambhala Mastery Level 3; Master Therapist (3 days)

There are two paths; one is for those who are interested in starting their own centers and becoming an instructor of Shambhala healing, the other is much more geared toward personal growth. It is here that you will learn all these skills. All students will learn techniques to deepen their personal practice and symbols with a variety of use. This is a three day class covering aspects of business development, giving of attunements and much more! 

In this level, you will learn to give an awesome opportunity to your students! This 'attunement method' is not like your Reiki attunement. It has come about through Susan’s many years of teaching. It will advance your students abilities far above Reiki as we connect to Divine Source for the imparting of the 3 Aspects of the Divine! You must have completed a period of time of at least 3 months after completion of levels 1 & 2 (or have been a practicing Reiki Teacher previously), completed levels 1 & 2 of Shambhala and have had additional training in the above classes. Susan must personally interview students prior to taking this class as to determining a readiness to teach Advanced Shambhala- Divine Presence Connection and your readiness to take on students.
The three complete energy frequencies may be used individually or together in your energy work, earth healing and personal life. The attunement is profound; Susan has been gifted with an ability to affect the pineal and pituitary connection by a process taught to her by Melchizedek, the Office of the High Priest of God Most High.

You will learn to work with the Angelic realm in a way you NEVER THOUGHT POSSIBLE. You will EXPERIENCE The DIVINE Mother, Divine Father, and The Christ Light

A whole new day is upon us!
The class includes a powerful Attunement, or enables you to receive the Highest Light. This is the laying on of hands as given in the days of the apostles and is done to activate three energies of Healing, Spirit ability and Divine knowledge. In 1972, Susan found herself in the Presence of God. He told her, “Go Back And Help The People!” This is how. This is NOW!

They are:

1.  Shambhala: The Holy Light of God. This is the Mind or THOUGHT of God’s Perfection in us and others as is prepared before our birth! In your Attunement and in all my work with you, I only connect to Divine Source. This is the Highest! We accept nothing less.

2. Activation of the Shekhina/Mahatma: The Divine Feminine Empowerment, or the Light of Unconditional Love that flows from the very heart of God. “Shekhina” is the name of the Dove that was seen above Christ when He was baptized. Gifts of healing, prophesy and knowledge come with this Light. The Shekhina is our logo and creed.

3. Activation of the Christ Light: Giving you the ability to use Divine Creative Forces. All things were created and came into being through the Christ Light. This is the original Light, sound and vibration energies that created all things. To create true wellness, this is needed.
Hold: The Divine Father’s Template of Perfection!
Learn: The Touch of Divine Mother; Unconditional Love is the Highest Vibration and melts away lower energies, pain and illness
Experience: The true Love of the Divine & How to restore health with The Christ Light! 
Come: Learn and grow in Spirit and in Life.    

“I now teach a WHOLE NEW SYSTEM OF ENERGY. I call it Shambhala, meaning, "Heaven's Light."
It is most glorious and transcends anything I had ever taught, such as Traditional Reiki and Karuna!”
 - Susan Isabelle

Susan teaches in Mount Shasta to people that come here from all across the world!

Welcome to the Shambhala Training page!

Long before Susan became Keeper of the 13th Crystal Skull of the Maya, she was a Master Teacher and had a Shambhala Training Center in New Hampshire. There she taught literally thousands of students about Energies.

After receiving the 13th Crystal Skull many WONDERFUL ENERGIES began to flow through Susan...

She began to understand more about the Divine Mind, Love and Creative Power... she began to teach in a whole new way with new attunements, by using the Highest Divine Energies, Anointings and Initiations.

Shambhala Training