Shambhala Center

Lemurian Crystal Reading:

Did you know that each Lemurian Crystal has a message for its Keeper? Do you want to understand your crystal? Do you want to learn HOW to work with it? By telephone class/reading. Call for pricing details and schedule. Will need you to send a picture of your crystal to me. 

Soul Path Reading: 

We may take a look at the records of past relationships, Guides and Angels, karma and so much more! Spiritual Activations and Personal Assistance For you! May be by telephone or in person at our Shambhala Center. Call for pricing details. 

Destiny Readings: 

In a Destiny Reading Susan Isabelle connects to the Divine THOUGHT of the Creator. That Thought is brought into the crystal skull and a unique connection is made. As a receiver of information, the crystal skull them reads you- then the cards. THOUGHT is identified for YOU...why are you here? What have you come to do? Are you on the path? Then, cards are drawn for the OUTCOME, or MANIFEST FORM in your life right now THEN, we go even further to help IDENTIFY the PROCESS and the LOGIC of the Destiny PATH for YOU! AMAZING READING!! Call for pricing details.

Crystal Skull Reading and Activation:

In this reading Susan draws four special skull cards and places them around a picture of your skull and a picture of you. (Send or email in advance) The 13th Skull has given Susan direction as to how this is done. During the reading, the 13th Skull speaks to you through Susan by the Power of the Divine Creator of All and many things are revealed! Often, special instructions are given to you as an individual for the work you are to do! For those overseas; May be taped and mailed to you. Call for pricing details.

Angel Readings (by email):

Long ago the Angels of Light began to visit me. I hear them singing very often at night. Our Shambhala Center in Mt Shasta was founded by them and the Father's will to assist humanity. Let's take a look at what is troubling you. They will be with you as I do your reading. Sometimes they actually manifest in the room with me. Write to me with your primary question and I'll respond via email at

Call or email for pricing details.

Healing Session: 

Recommended to do 3 sessions. Allow 1 hour for the first session and 1/2 hour for 2nd and 3rd sessions. Call for pricing details.

Readings & Healing Sessions