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The following videos were made by Susan prior to the Maya 2012 End of the Dream of the Father. Change is coming- the old is falling away- the NEW DREAM has begun! 

The New Dream

The Sacred Heart, in the manifest form to remind us, to prepare us, is the 13th Crystal Skull that was given to the Maya to hold until the end and the new beginning. That is why it is a child's heart. We must become as little children to enter the new world!

It was also a sign to humanity that it is time to return our hearts and our minds to the Creator of All. Christ is the physical, human, Sacred Heart. There is also a prophecy that on the last day, the 'stoney heart' will be returned to Him. Then we receive the New Heart. 

We have held the hope and the promise of a new template all across the Earth with the Crystal Skulls' abilities. The coming years will require that we all know prophecy, the use of the Name, the Fire Codes, and USE them!

Susan has fulfilled prophecy regarding the skulls and now looks forward to the new coming Creation and Christ. Now it is time to prepare and come into understanding;  

In the Book of Daniel, prophecy was given to him by angel Gabriel, and Jesus gave confirmation of a future event, a covenant "with many" will be made for a "final week" - 7 years.

Susan believes that Israel's becoming a nation
(1948) again marked the last generation that
Jesus spoke of that "shall not pass until all
these things have happened," before his
second coming.

Susan was born in 1949 and has known this
would come in her lifetime.

So, when does it BEGIN? 

Using the 360 day Hebrew lunar calendar
specified by 1260 days, we count backwards
from 9/23/17 the mid-point of the final 7
years to find the beginning. 

The date of April 13th, 2014 is the result. She
now believes 4/13/2014 marks the actual
beginning of the 7 year event; Palm Sunday,
just before Passover, 2014, the 1st Blood
Moon Tetrad. 

Think about that for a while.

Additionally, January 11, 2014 Israel's Ariel Sharon died after having been in a coma for many years. What is important about this in prophecy is that it was declared by a much respected 108 year old Rabbi Kaduri (who claimed he had a visit from the Messiah) that the Messiah told him he would come after Ariel died. He shocked the people of Israel because he declared the Name Yeshua. 

As Feminine Melchizedek, Susan will be sealing the Name for each and teaching things that cannot go on a website. A great deception is coming; you need to know.

Susan will begin to fulfill the next part of her purpose while still in the physical body.

She invites us all to join.

Time is so short.

*Susan Isabelle would like to give credits to YouTube for photos and encourage us all to do some research ourselves.

11-11-2011 The Promised New Baby was in the sky. The government was there taking pictures too. A BIG Birth Announcement was in the sky when we opened the way!

This is also a Sign; 11-11 the doorway was opened.

The New Creation is about to be birthed. The Second Coming and a whole new earth created by the Son of God is coming.   

For 15 years Susan has been following the directives from Heaven and has seen many miracles of healing, miracles in the sky, the waters and the earth.  

Susan has seen the Greatness of the Creator and she believes. 
Susan Isabelle giving an Initiation on Machu Picchu, Peru to the Light Of Heaven
​not guessing or wondering; but by EXPERIENCE...

Do you remember what happened in Machu Picchu in 2011?  

We must prepare and pray.

Because there are 3 ½ more years to go   

It means that after the 7th sign appears, all the Candles are lit in the Menorah; we've seen the SIGNs come and go and this is the final phase. We have three and one-half years to go and this is the difficult part. We need to pray fervently. If you don't believe this, all Susan can say is that she didn't put it in the heavens, God did.  

Message: We have 3 ½ years to prepare before it hits full force.

​Finally, the Return and Justice will prevail. The Lamb will lie down with the Lion. It will be over in 2020-21. 
The Virgin Queen; Virgo. The constellation Leo appears over the Woman. In her crown there are 12 stars. The moon is at her feet. The sun is clothing her... She is about to give birth as Jupiter (The King) is birthing.


Those of us that have followed Biblical Prophecy know the mid-point of the last 7 years would have a spectacular sign in the heavens.

That sign is detailed in the Book of Revelation 12; 1, 2.

The verses tell us that this is the MID-POINT.

This Sign comes when the deceiver is made manifest.
It is a spectacular sign.

It is


She has




- Revelation 12: 1&2

the 7th SIGN which will appear in the heavens on Sep. 23rd, 2017 

the 1st day of Hanukkah Nov. 27th, 2013-  That Menorah of Hanukkah was 'lit'

A blood moon tetrad is when 4 total lunar eclipses occur (consecutively) on a Holy Feast day. There have been 7 BMT’s since the first coming of Christ. Every single BMT has brought a significant event to the Jewish people within a year of the first or last eclipse of the tetrad. Examples:

In 1949-1950 tetrad: 1948 Israel became a state again. Israeli war armistice in 1949

In 1967-1968 tetrad: Jerusalem captured by Israel in 1967 as the result of the 6-day war.

These are extremely important events in Biblical prophecy and eschatology.

Now, do you see the pattern developing? 

​Susan believes these 6 signs will produce a consecutive series of world altering events that will lead up to…

The Blood Moon Tetrads (BMT) & Eclipses of 2014-2015

2014-2015 Jewish Holiday Eclipse Schedule

There are 7 more candles in the Menorah.

That means there are to be 7 "signs in the sun, moon and stars"

Believe it or not... Check this out… 

6 heavenly events- 6 of these signs fall on Jewish Holy Days within a 2 year period.   

WE need to pay attention. What does this really mean? 

​They are 6 markers in time, set in the heavens to tell us something. Each time the moon will be red in color.
The Center Candle was lit by Comet ISON, on its perihelion, when it was closest to the sun. 

It was not by chance that this happened.     

The first candle lights all the others. It started with a SIGN so 7 SIGNS will follow.  

A Heavenly Lighting of the Center Menorah Candle, right on Hanukkah! The menorah reminds us of the miracle of the Hanukkah lights, when only one day's oil burned for eight days after the Maccabees reclaimed the holy Temple.

It was the beginning. After the center candle is lit, 7 more remain, one to be lit each "day". Now, instead of days, consider that maybe it represents a year. Count years; now, 7 years = 7 candles, Susan believes something big is going to happen. This was the first indication.
Susan believes we have 7 years ahead of us until we are finally done with this world's system. In this writing, she will show you WHY!

There are SIGNS!     

"And God said, 'Let there be lights in the expanse of the heavens to separate the day from the night. And let them be for signs and for seasons, and for days and years...(Gen. 1:14) we're SUPPOSED to be looking to the heavens for signs! There is a reason. 

For those of you that are shaking their heads right now...the BIBLE?  Susan! Really?!

You might do well to continue reading... 

This is WHY she believe what she does.....

​2013 had a significant sign...some didn't see it. It was like a torch in heaven, called comet Ison- interesting, "I-Son." There's a message in the name of it too! It is WHEN it arrived that caught her attention. It performed its peak on...

The Signs Are All Around US

Prophecy 2020

A note from Susan:

I believe what I am about to share with you cannot be denied; it is not even a prophecy because it is scheduled to appear. 

As I write this, I am reminded of that one year I went up the mountain on Rosh Hashanah with a group to pray at sundown. It is the time of opening the books of life. Three robed persons came and started singing before we did. It was so beautiful we could not open our mouths! When done, my group, softly crying walked away. I went to the three to speak to them. When I approached, their hoods dropped down. I stood in the presence of three angels with golden locks of hair. They told me they had never met, or did this on this mountain before- they had come from across the earth to do so. I thanked them and humbly departed. They disappeared. Some of you reading this will remember.

I ask you all "Calling All Angels!" REMEMBER!!!

Many of you know that I study prophecy from around the world. I look carefully into current events and also into the scriptures of the Maya, Sumerians and the Biblical prophets.

​What I have discovered must be shared!
- Susan Isabelle