Shambhala Center

Please call the Shambhala Center for more details on the next offering of a specific class- 530.926.1331. 

Sophia: Goddess of Wisdom Initiations

Stand within the Mystic Star, 7 Pillars of Wisdom (winter)

Athena: Goddess of Strength Shield

Her message to you through your activated shield (Summer) 

Merkaba Instruction (1 day)

Sacred Geometry/ Auric Field Activations! Wonderful, fun, and increases your ability to hold Light and move through dimensions. Group Merkaba and Astral movement. 2 complete methods!

Tibetan Bowls and Tibetan methods of Entity Control (1 day)

For the mindful practitioner of Shambhala, these techniques will give you instructions as to how to deal with the entity-thought forms people, places and things carry. The Tibetan peoples held this teachings for centuries and used Tibetan bowls!

Advanced Alternative Healing Level 3 (3 days)

Chakra Reconstruction; Healing of Karma, Past, Present and Future Balance. Time line healing, Psychic development & More!!

Melchizedek Initiation (1 day)

Perform with empowerment as a Priest/ess of the Energy to assist others on their path Learn all 6 Levels to Ascension, uses of the 360 Structures of the Universe- Castle Lake, Mt. Shasta
After Shambhala levels 1 & 2, Susan recommends that you continue your training in one or more of the below classes. If interested please call the center for more details:

Karuna Levels 1 & 2 (2 days)

Karuna uses a set of 8 symbols that are used as tones for harmonic healing, moving you through the levels of unconsciousness, healing, and past-future life resolution. Primarily a spiritual expansion of the spiritual bodies of the client, it takes one far in this lifetime! There are 3 levels: the first level allows the use of 4 symbols to open the auric fields for mental and emotional healing with sound. The second level brings you higher into subconscious levels of your being to reconnect you to the Creator. The third level is a Teacher Level Class where you may then teach this to your own students!

Levels 1 & 2   Each Class Details: 11-5 

4 person min.

Crystal Mastery (1 day)

A comprehensive class covering EVERYTHING you have ever imagined about crystals! Learn the "personality of each crystal, (bring your crystals too), and we will explore their uses, create grids, energies and crystal layouts- full manual.

Learn programming techniques and deprogramming of crystals! Watch as the old program vanishes from your sight- watch as your new program forms inside your crystals! Amazing!

A MUST for all students of Shambhala as this workshop prepares us for the Crystalline Foundations of Heaven. A 2-part class, you will come to appreciate the stones and their wonderful qualities in your healing work!

Group Class Details: 11-5pm.  10 person min.

Good to combine with a second day- 1 day skulls class! 

Kuan Yin Initiations and Magnified Healing (1 day)

Students of Kuan Yin are invited to a private location where the Kuan Yin temple at Mount Shasta resides. Susan delivers a personal message from Kuan Yin for each participant. Kuan Yin has given her own symbols that are taught to you. They are used for healing humanity. Kuan Yin also gives something very special; she has a healing lotus of love and compassion that is placed in your hand. Ever blossoming, the lotus reappears to be given over and over to heal the emotional hurt of humanity. Placed in the heart chakra of another, it blossoms bestowed upon each person. This is a profoundly magical way to connect to the beautiful energy of Kuan Yin.

Class Details: 11-3pm. Given outdoors in the summer (June - Sept.) minimum of 6 students. We will travel to a private location about 20 minutes from Shambhala center.  You must have your own transportation.

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