Shambhala Center

Goddess! Full Goddess Initiation into the Kabbala (3 days)

Once a year Susan gives the Sacred Symbols of the Goddess and Walk you through Solomon’s Porch, The Kabbala. The most Sacred of All the teachings. Meet Shekhina, your Mother and take on the rainbow Rays of Her Likeness. Stand within Tipareth, the Place of Beauty and the Universal Womb. This is the place of the second birthing of humanity. The Angels watch as you walk the Kabbala into a new life! 

You will learn the use of holograms of Creator's Light when you embody the Divine Holy Spirit's gifts.

Mudras, Symbols, Empowerments to Create! You must read, “Return The Goddess” Book II prior to taking this Initiation. Click here to buy the book today

Class Details: 3 full days.  5 person min. Full manual. A complete system of Goddess Symbols and Holographic Uses as given to Susan in the heavenly realms. It was there she first walked the Kabbala and then was told by the angel to "Go back and do this for the people."

Please call the Shambhala Center for more details on this class- 530.926.1331. 

Goddess in Kabbala Class