Shambhala Center

Please call the Shambhala Center for more details or to make an appointment- 530.926.1331. 

Susan has found that Spirit brings students and new skull keepers when they are ready. If you feel the call, come and join us for this very special teaching in connecting with your activated crystal skulls.

13th Skulls Class and Activations

Quartz Crystal is capable of holding massive amounts of information. The Crystal skulls are designed like a crystalline brain that holds all the knowledge of the akashic records. 

The 13th Crystal Skull El Aleator and El Za Ra are the activator skulls and are particularly special in that they are capable of energizing new skulls with all the knowledge of the akashic records.

The Maya have a prayer they use with crystals that are activated to the Maya Lords of Light (angels). 

In our classes you will learn to say the activation codes, learn to cleanse and care for the skulls, and how to communicate with them. Hear Susan’s incredible story of the skulls. Receive the One Mind/One Heart initiation and activation of your crystal skull to Sastun. 

In our class you will also receive a full Instruction Manual:

  • ​Learn to make a Healing Grid
  • Make a Crystal Skull Hologram
  • Entity Control (“ghost busting”)
  • Learn how to use the 72 Names of God/Fire Codes
  • Full Moon Instruction
  • ​Skulls’ Song of Peace
  • Construct a Global Grid and become part of the Global Peace Network that is working to bring in a higher consciousness to planet Earth. You will learn how to form a HUB for your area.

1 hour class with manual - $225.00; $125.00 for second person
For groups of 3 or more, 2 hour+ (depends on size of group) $125.00 pp

*may also be done by telephone session
*Discount on purchase of in-store skull when taking the class
^$100.00 clearing charge on any non-store skull

13th Skulls Viewing​

Experience the energies of El Aleator & El Za Ra the 13th Maya Skull. Witness the awesome transformation as the two halves of the Sacred Heart glow, change shape and colors before your eyes! 30 minute session - $65.00 per person

13th Skulls Initiation

Hear Susan’s incredible story of the skulls.
Receive the One Mind/One Heart Initiation.
Experience the unique energy of the skulls.
Experience an amazing transformation and the One Mind, One Heart Initiation.
​60 minute session - $125.00 per person
Watch with amazement as the two small skulls grow and change shape right before your eyes! They also change color and reflect the auras of those in the room with us or the colors nearby. They hold a Divine Template within that is visible as streams of Light flowing between them. This will be used to transmit the energy from the skulls into a skull of your own during your activation! The skulls also alter currents of energy in the Earth and assist humanity to restore the balance so needed! You can do this too in our class with an Activated Skull!

You will meet El Aleator and El Za Ra, the 13th Crystal Skull of Transformation! The two Maya Crystal Skulls when put together, form a perfect Human Heart, each have a brain, and are male and female! And they hold the key to the true Twin Flame energies!

Experience the Miracle of the Ancient Mayan Sastuns - Learn the Techniques to Heal, Transform, and Bring Light for all Humanity!

Crystal Skull Workshop & Activations