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Verdad y Engaño de Las Enseñanzas sobre el Ser Superior: Creando una Nueva Tierra Basada en la Verdad (Spanish Edition)

Authored by Susan Isabelle (Nayatian Bellaluna del Sol – Editor for Spanish)
February 25, 2014

ISBN-13: 978-1496084415 (CreateSpace-Assigned)
ISBN-10: 1496084411
​BISAC: Body, Mind & Spirit / Spirituality / General

Verdad y Engaño de las Enseñanzas del Ser Superior Existe un nuevo mundo que está llegando que deberá basarse en la verdad absoluta; nosotros estamos entrando la Era Dorada de Iluminación. Todas las cosas deberán hacerse nuevas durante este tiempo y los seres iluminados viajarán en el planeta preparando aquellos que buscan el Reino de Dios. Eso que no contenga verdad se desmoronará. Este libro expone las enseñanzas mal dirigidas y enseña la verdad de la mente del Creador. Es el comienzo.

Truth & Deception Of Higher Self Teachings: Creating A Whole New Earth Based On Truth

Authored by Susan Isabelle
​October 25, 2013

ISBN-13: 978-1493577972 (CreateSpace-Assigned)
ISBN-10: 1493577972
​BISAC: Body, Mind & Spirit / Spirituality / General

Are you being deceived? Getting tried of the old metaphysical teachings? Something just doesn't feel right, does it? Are you feeling that you don't know what to believe anymore? This book dares to confront many of the teachings of today that have led people away from vital truths that are really meant to empower us. This is written in a clear and concise way that will clarify many misconceptions about The Creator Of All, face the mistruths that have been imposed upon us, and free us from the bondage they have created. Spirituality ought to be with ease and grace; not a chore. The Love of God's Creation Light is within. We ought to be able to access it from within... The message of the 13th Crystal Skull of the Maya is that we are entering a Golden Age in which we will return our hearts to the Creator. There we will embrace the love offered to us freely, embody the truth of Light, and learn the ways of living in harmony and enlightenment. Learn the way to self-empowerment! You do not need to give away your power!

Messages From The Heart Of Great Spirit: Amanda's Mirror 

Authored by Susan Isabelle November 3, 2013

ISBN-13: 978-1493674695 (CreateSpace-Assigned)
ISBN-10: 1493674692
BISAC: Body, Mind & Spirit / Inspiration & Personal Growth

After Susan Isabelle returned from a trip to California in 2000, she began to have vivid dream-visions. During one of the dream-visions she had a visit from a beautiful spirit being in the form of an Indian Maiden named Aumala. She saw the Indian Maiden through the eyes of a young girl named, Amanda. As the Maiden spoke to Amanda, Susan would partially awaken. She scribbled quickly the actual words the Maiden spoke on the bed sheet and scraps of paper on the bed stand. Then, she fell back into the vision to receive the next message. This continued all night long. In addition to the Maiden named Aumala, three other visitors arrived that night. First was Grandmother Spider, the weaver of fates. She gave Susan something very special and Susan believes you may also experience the same opportunity. Once understood, you may want to explore that option for yourself. The second visitor taught Susan how to create a Rainbow in the sky and infused her heart with love. You’ll definitely want to do this! The third visitor teaches that we really don't understand; that our minds have been closed to the world around us. We needed new eyes and ears! The third visitor opens them for us! Many of the messages Susan realized have come to be fulfilled prophecy. She even has the pictures to show you! Thirteen years after the visitation, Susan has been guided to write this book to share their messages to the world. Creator speaks to us and the message is good for the child, the seeker and the teacher! “Paint me a rainbow of your love Shining, shining, beautiful, up above Paint me a rainbow, you will see Cast your prayers up to me Upon the beauty of the sky I paint them on high I raise the bow to all to show My love to thee That you are free…” The rainbow was painted July 26th, 2013 on a clear blue day on Mt Shasta...

A Spiritual Traveler's Guide To Sacred Mount Shasta: Prophecy 2014-2020 

Authored by Susan Isabelle
May 7, 2014

ISBN-13: 978-1494853822 (CreateSpace-Assigned)
ISBN-10: 1494853825
BISAC: Body, Mind & Spirit / Inspiration & Personal Growth

Susan Isabelle brings you an astounding Prophecy and reveals a documented series of events starting in 2014 lasting through 2020! She weaves global prophecy and beliefs to bring you the incredible messages in the heavens, the earth and within, while explaining the deeper, true spiritual side of Mt Shasta! She gives locations of sacred spiritual sites at Mt Shasta, of local Native beliefs, how to attend a Sweat lodge, her stories of meeting Lemurians, their songs, Angels, UFO's, and Bigfoot! Susan's spiritual quest to Mt Shasta in 1999 changed her life when she met the Lemurians who asked her to go on 36 missions to assist humanity! She became Keeper of the Maya 13th Crystal Skull in 2000 on the third assignment. A Native Elder gave her and her partner a task to do so the skull could be used to assist humanity as fully intended. They were successful. This story is told for the first time. She offered the 13th Skull, the Heart of the Child, back to the Creator in fulfillment of the Maya prophecy to start the New Dream for humanity. Learn how you may become the Spiritual Traveler and what that really means! Of Iroquois lineage, Susan Isabelle has been living in the Mt Shasta area for ten years. She teaches at her Shambhala Center in Mt Shasta and across the entire earth! Susan shares her vast spiritual insights and gives you an opportunity to visit the Lemurian sites that she brings her students to. She gives you information as to how to prepare yourself, and lots of helpful information to enhance your experience while at Mt Shasta. She writes to you of her extensive adventures while she has lived in Mount Shasta over the past ten years. She speaks to you of Kuan Yin's Temple that she has located, and of local Native American beliefs. Yes, UFO's, and Bigfoot are a part of her experiences too! She has included a special meditation to assist the reader to reconnect back to the Divine Template; to restore the true essence of their own being, and of the first things to do at Shasta. Susan gives solid advice through personal experiences and example. She also brings you a glimpse of prophecy through 2020 and how the true Spiritual Traveler has come to assist humanity. The True Spiritual Seeker will not be disappointed! The stories are real page turners! She has written this book to help the Traveler to attain deep Spiritual knowledge, to understand the processes, and to find what their soul is truly seeking while at Mount Shasta. 

eBook - The Global Assignment, Book I

Authored by Susan Isabelle

The 13th skulls are real miracles for our day. "I believe they were left here as receptacles of information this time. My direct experience with them has led me to understand many things about them." Susan receives direct guidance and information from El Aleator, the crystal skull that was given to her by the Maya. After extensive work with the Mayan crystal Skulls, Susan has found that the skulls are here to assist humans, to teach us. And to show the way for transformational evolution.

In The Eye Of The Goddess: The 13th Crystal Skull On Assignment In England

Authored by Susan Isabelle
​June 2, 2012

ISBN-13: 978-1477448700
ISBN-10: 1477448705
BISAC: Body, Mind & Spirit / Inspiration & Personal Growth

The 13th Crystal Skull Merlin Arthur's Round Table The Biggest Blackout in USA History... What do they all have in common? Susan Isabelle and The 13th Crystal Skull On Assignment In England! In 2003 Susan Isabelle, Keeper of the 13th Crystal Skull, was summoned by the Goddess to go to England. There Susan was to release the Stone Of Birthing, a meridian line that brings the higher consciousness to planet Earth, by using the Crystal Skull. It had been bound during WWII by sinister forces attempting to block the elevation of consciousness for the planet. Read how Merlin, yes, The Merlin, assisted Susan in the quest by giving her six stones (pictured in this book) that outlined the process for her! This amazing, true story will bring you hope and the knowledge of the Divine love that is being extended to us all!

Cosmic Eve 2012 Rebirthing Mankind: Our Evolution Has Begun!

Authored by Susan Isabelle
​January 29, 2009

ISBN-13: 978-1438913483
ISBN-10: 1438913486
BISAC: Body, Mind & Spirit / Inspiration & Personal Growth

2012 The Dreamer has dreamt the last dream... Time and this old reality are ending... BUT, is it really? Does anything exist beyond 2012? Yes! The Cosmic Eve! Al'Lat Le Andro Melchizedek continues 'On Assignment' in Book III. She is brought to the other side to advocate on behalf of humanity. An incredible plan for the future was assembled with the assistance of The High Council, Adama of Ancient Telos, Lemurians, Melchizedek, the Galactic Interplanetary Council and her Twin Flame, Regalis! Al'Lat was brought to the point of no return in a new and dangerous mission to set a new template based on a secret plan of the Highest! For all the while they were really under the loving, silent guiding eye of God/Goddess as they brought about the birthing of the New Cosmic Eve. The Crystal Skull she received in 2000 enabled Al'Lat and Regalis to move freely in the future realms. No one could imagine the powers or the secret encodings the skull held! The skull would allow passage to all the dimensional realms! Here you will learn first hand about the dimensions, true Twin Flame abilities and the great plan of God for the new Children of Light! What a future we're entering into as we approach 2012! It is the Dawning of a New Creation!

Return The Goddess, The Lemurians Shall
Come: Book II

Authored by Susan Isabelle April 27, 2007

ISBN-13: 978-1425956615
ISBN-10: 1425956610
​BISAC: Body, Mind & Spirit / Inspiration & Personal Growth

In Return The Goddess, you will ride the adventure with Susan Isabelle and Adama, the Lemurian High Priest, to the return of the Highest Light energies of the Divine Feminine to Earth! In this amazing story, you will learn how this was accomplished, step by step from Susan's personal journal. With the cooperation of multidimensional beings of Light and the Lemurian peoples, Susan and the members of the Shambhala Center she established in New Hampshire saw many miracles! The work was done: The Goddess appeared to them on a mountain to ensure the progression of humanity in the transition of consciousness now underway! Finally, you will see the amazing pictures of Kuan Yin in the sky over the Center and read of the incredible miracle of 9/11/2001 and how the Goddess averted further destruction of the Earth! We saw it happen!

You will learn much about the culture of Lemuria, their history and their hopes for humanity as they now contact us. You will journey to ancient sites.  The Lemurians and the Ancients offer much to the world at this time and it is interwoven with the revelations of higher Truths and their teachings in this writing. Secrets are revealed! Earth Healing, activation of sites and the Crystal Skulls of the Maya were directed by the Lemurians and the Angelic realm.

On Assignment with Adama: Mt. Shasta, Telos, Lemuria, and Sacred Earth Sites, Book I

Authored by Susan Isabelle
June 23, 2005

ISBN-13: 978-1420842784
ISBN-10: 1420842781
​BISAC: Body, Mind & Spirit / Inspiration & Personal Growth

In On Assignment with Adama, you will meet Adama as I did, atop Mt Shasta in California in 1999. I quite unexpectedly heard his voice speak to me. Hearing the message that day, I agreed to begin a work with Adama on behalf of humanity. I agreed to travel throughout the Earth, visit and seal thirty six Sacred Earth sites with Adama and the Lemurians. Dedicated to the Light of The Highest, El Elyon, God Most High, these sites are reserved, sacred sites for the coming evolution of mankind. They will assist in the transition, ascension of humanity; our evolution. In this agreement, the Lemurian peoples will come at the time of our ascension, hold the integrity of the earth at these sites, and stabilize time for us. Adama is Holy and the people of Telos, or Shambhala, are an ascended, future people. They are an aspect of our future selves. You will learn much about them and the culture of Lemuria, their history and their hopes for humanity as they now contact us. You will journey with me to the first two sites, one in Central America, and experience the Shambhala Energy. The Lemurians and the Ancients offer much to the world at this time and it is interwoven with the revelations of higher Truths and their teachings in this writing. Secrets are revealed! Earth Healing, activation of sites and the Crystal Skulls of the Maya were directed by the Lemurians and the Angelic realm. The ancient Mayan Gods and Spirits intervened to assist the completion of my task. They also had a few incredible side jobs planned for me while I was in Belize Central America! I returned with their Universal Gift to humanity! You'll learn a lot more about that in my next book. In Book II, We The Lemurians Shall Come, the journey continues and the excitement grows!

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