Shambhala Center

Please call the Shambhala Center for more details on the next offering of this class- 530.926.1331.
Workshops are held over 2 days (2-1/2 for large groups)

Weather permitting, you may also want to do this class at a sacred area at Mt Shasta, CA.

This is so important that Susan will travel to your location. Certain considerations/restrictions do apply.


Instruction, then travel to a location at Mt. Shasta

  • We will Gather in Circle to Bring in the Angels.
  • Susan will enter TRANCE STATE.
  • You, one by one, will hold the Sword.
  • As you do so, TRUTH will be revealed to you as the Angels show you. 
  • Susan will be guided to bring the message confirmation directly to you in a very special way in which they have taught her.

"Halo To Halo"

Susan may hear them speak and she will deliver that message from heaven to you.

In the days ahead it is very important that we keep our inner channel pure; our Spirit and Soul cleansed.

It is no longer recommended that we allow any being to enter our channel.  


  • The Angels choose, by lot, 4 persons to Walk the NEW PATH.
  • You will hold the Sword once again.
  •  4 ANGELS have agreed to empower special gifts to the 4 persons selected. This is to assist you in your work.
  • They come directly to you and EMPOWER you!
  • Receive a Special Anointing From Heaven.

Additional; Time permitting and class number; others are selected to have their Angel Wings opened and are taught how to use them.


 “As Keeper of the 13th Crystal Skull, the symbol of the Sacred Heart, I am very connected to the Angelic Realm. This is so that I may ‘Go! and help the people!’ as I was commanded to do so from Heaven in 1972.

Later, I was given a Sword of Truth to assist me in my work.  It has a powerful vibration and a very ancient, unusual one of a kind hilt and you will have the opportunity to hold it.

The Angels have been telling me it is important that I do this ceremony for all the people that are called to work with Angels. Global Transformation is nearing. We need to be very clear in mind and purpose, be in contact with our Angels and be empowered in the days to come.”

​ - Susan Isabelle

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