Shambhala Center

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Chakra Reconstruction; Healing of Karma, Past, Present and Future Balance. Time line healing, Psychic development & More!!

It seems strange to call what we do here, "classes", it really is showing God's love to us, teaching, and demonstrating the power of God. When we have a true understanding of who God really is and the Nature of Shambhala-Heaven's Light, that comes forth from the Creator of All, then miracles are free to flow from Heaven!

The Creator's Thought for all of creation, is perfected in Christ; a Person and a Power. The Creator's Love is perfected in the Shekhina, the Holy Spirit; a Personage and a Movement of that Power that has brought us forth into the realm of matter. Our physical body designed to hold the image of God within.

When we have that understanding, we may go to the Creator in prayer and in Power for healing works to flow.

In the Mind of the Creator you are perfect, perfection. On earth the density of the 3rd dimension and of the lack of God's perfection here, we loose our connection to the Source of all Light, The Christ and Shekhina- we are no longer 'perfect' because They are our perfection- we are Temples that are empty of the Presence-therefore we are ill and we die.

I assist people back to the Creator every day with understanding. Once reconnected in faith and knowledge of who we were originally designed to be, desiring that perfection once again from our hearts, we seek the renewal They offer and are cleansed by Christ and filled with the Spirit. We have access back to the perfection of God's true image of us- we heal and are free once again. We are able to touch a little of heaven once again in this darkness!

The problem most have is the world quickly comes back to plague us. No one likes to hear about repentance-what and why is that so important to our health? It means to turn away from what causes our separation from God's ideal.

It can be chemicals in our environment that gives us cancer. Are you ready to throw away your foam filled couch you sit on every day? That couch is a good example of mankinds falling away from the ideal Creator has set for us-or the french fries laden with GMO's and chemicals killing us. In Christianity we think of "sin"; but what is sin? IT IS ANYTHING that is not of the Creator's natural way. Lower energies of thought and life are included in this. What you put into your mind, your body, and your spirit must be reviewed. To continue in health an examination of your life is required once your healing takes place- both physical and spiritual. So what is a class? All of the above.

I had the wonderful opportunity to do a healing session recently. It was for a young woman with double breast cancer that had spread to her liver. Back East I did a lot more healing work and people really don't know the gift God has given to me to use to help the people here at Mt. Shasta Shambhala Metaphysical Center & Store.

Shambhala means the Light Of Heaven, and I lay hands on to heal people with and in the Name of Christ. A whole cluster of her tumors disappeared during the session and a big smile shone out from her as she realized the Presence of Christ and Spirit within her. This is a "PRAISE GOD!"

- Susan Isabelle

Advanced Alternative Healing Level 3 (3 days)