Shambhala Center

Without a doubt, this Grand Alignment was ushering in the DIVINE PLAN on Earth.

The Crystal Skulls were ready now!

Susan discovered through several experimental classes, that through an activation process the Maya were giving in dream state, that she could now activate other crystal skulls using the Crystal Skull that had been activated that day in Belize.

These gifts cannot be manufactured.  Susan can only offer the gift. The angels also taught her how to use the stone in a specific manner for healing others and for discernment in her healing practice.

One of the primary uses of the Sastun is to assist the healer and owner of the stone in the work of healing others and to help guide the holder's path.

Crystal Skull Activations are scheduled in Mt Shasta at our Center, California.  Click for more details  
It would occur during our trip! This was an advertisement of that time…

The Grand Planetary Alignment

Please note: The left Tibetan skull is set on a blue cloth and naturally, you can see the blue from the cloth through the crystal. That is to be expected.

El Aleator, center on leather pouch, is doing something else. He is not reflecting blue light, he is ABSORBING the frequency of blue from the surroundings.

Susan has been given a very special gift from the Maya.

​The crystal skull that beamed out great Light would only work for the one the Maya Ancients had chosen… and they had made a way for others to become initiate also.
During the night, Susan met the Maya Lords of Light, angelic beings of great grace and beauty! They taught her all that night how to work with the skulls. But... she had to pass their test first.  Susan had to prove MASTERY over ALL the realms. This is true... (read this story in the book On Assignment With Adama Book I by Susan Isabelle)

The Maya Skulls have a whole team of Specialized Angels to work with the Keeper!

Susan also knew that the tiny skull given to her by the Maya had also been infused that day. It now was ready to go into service once again.

Only the Maya Lords of Light can do this for someone they choose. An activated stone is called a Sastun. Soon Susan learned that she could transfer a healing and transformational energy from the stone to others.
Susan was receiving an Activation! Little did she know at the time that that ENERGY she was given that day was an EMPOWERMENT to do activations for others!

If you look closely at the picture above, you will see at least 4 crystal skull images around her. It’s as if you are looking through a glass image in the picture. This picture is completely untouched.

​That day Susan was EMPOWERED to take up the SKULL by the Heavens, not mankind.
Something VERY STRANGE happened to Susan that day. As Susan was sitting down at the temple, a very powerful, but a gentle, loving energy came into her. She could feel herself growing in size and she began to glow.

​When this picture was taken, unknowingly, her hand was in the form of Hamsa, meaning, "In God's Protection." 

One of the most amazing things about El Aleator and El Za Ra is that they are able to TRANSMIT their energy and Divine Template into other crystals!

The little Mayan crystal skull Susan received in the picture below, had been reactivated by the Mayan Lords of Light (angels) that day out under the sun of May 20th 2000. It was during a very special alignment of a Sun-Pleiades conjunction at Cahal Pech.

This was the first time Susan had ever seen the Skull, soon to be called El Aleator, or Lord of the Tones.

That was the day of no shadows, the day of the beginning of the twelve-year count down to the return of Kulkucan! 

Activations and History of the Skulls