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about Goddess energies and Crystal Skulls of the Maya.
a small drop if iodine was placed on the skull and then photographed to reveal the brain. The skulls are so clear that it is easier to see the incredible details this way.
Susan Isabelle's Story Part 2
Susan Isabelle's Story Part 1

Listen to Susan Isabelle describe their story and mission 
It is vitally important that Humanity learn to hold the Heart of a Child within, and must be ready to give it back to the Creator in all Truth and Love--we enter the Kingdom of God with the heart of a child. That is the message of the 13th Crystal Skull at Mt. Shasta"
- Susan Isabelle
This small heart is the heart given to us that contains the original template of humanity. The template is perfect for unity of the mind.

When they come together, the mind is balanced and the heart appears.

This heart was to be given to the Divine God/Goddess. All that is for the progression of humanity into the next world. It was in fulfillment of the way. It has been done. One Heart. One Mind.

​​We must have a true Source connection and know the true aspects of the Creator before we can access the true power.
Mystical and incredible, when they come together, they form a perfect heart with all the chambers intact (see the arteries down the sides in the picture above) and share a brain...

All the skulls form a ring of 12 around the 13th. The 13th skull unites the 12 templates. It takes one unifying mind and an innocent heart to receive the templates of them all.

Susan Isabelle has been called upon to go to many places across the globe with the skulls to fulfill the ancient requirements and prophesy.

Not large as one might expect, but that's a twist in all of this that makes perfect sense, doesn't it?

​It takes THE HEART OF A CHILD to enter into the Kingdom!

Everything that exists now contains a 3rd dimensional, physical energy, a ‘universal energy’ that we’ve been trying to manipulate and use to the best of our abilities. Its’ NOT ENOUGH to do what we are to do!  We need to change...transform…
Then the most incredible thing happens when they are put together;

​They form a perfect heart of a Child!

“They were so hot I could not hold them! Spirit said ‘Pick them up and put them together!’ so I did.”
​- Susan Isabelle
This picture of the Maya Skulls, El Aleator and El Za Ra, on August 2004 when they came together for the first time on Mount Shasta. This was moments before they became the Heart Of The Child! They turned bright blue, and grew into full size!

When the skull was tested

Believe it or not, the light and colors you see in these two skulls are ABSORBED by the skulls and they BECOME the color...explain? We can't.
These two skulls are not just any skulls. They have a consciousness. Here you can clearly see the eyes. Sometimes they even take on a flesh color. You just never know what they are going to do!

On the left you will see an actual picture of the Skull's brain.





His name means, "Lord of the Tones & Frequencies". He has a mate called El Za Ra, meaning the "Daughter of Light". Together, El Aleator and El Za Ra are the 13th Skull.

They are in 2 parts, have a feminine and a masculine brain, as you can see in this photo of the backside. Their skull is complete with 2 sets of teeth, ear canals and bone structure with sutures.

They both have the ability to GROW IN SIZE, change shape and change colors with each ray of Light!

​Every picture you see of them will be different!
This is the Crystal Skull El Aleator. He was received in Belize by Susan Isabelle in 2000.

He was found by the villagers under a sacred ceiba tree at the pyramids in Belize after a hurricane toppled the tree. It was the largest and oldest tree in the whole area.  Ancients buried him there for safe keeping, most likely when the Spanish invaded the country. The Maya priests knew he must be spared and hid him in the root of the tree. Many centuries later, he was found and returned to his Keeper, Susan Isabelle.

​Susan fulfilled the requirements, they knew she was the true Keeper and made her take El Aleator. 

History of 13th Skull