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It came out of the 3rd eye of a being looking down and was directed toward the person receiving and Susan. Subsequently, it is seen moving toward them and the two of them glowed in Creator's Light. They were both in the Light of the Creator! What a wonderful thing for the Gate Keeper to see when he first appeared! At sunrise ceremony it was seen by the gatekeeper and they were given permission, Susan believes, at that point.

They were waiting for this moment of 11-11 and Susan wants to thank all of you from her heart for participating in the greatest moment in time! For now, we shall move into 2012 with the empowerment to create a whole new reality. A whole new world is birthing!

The picture seen is below is one of those taken by Susan’s partner at sunrise ceremony. In it, Susan is giving a gentleman the Light of the Creator One Heart One Mind Attunement. At the moment of that attunement, a great light came down. It was encased in the magenta light which is Unconditional Love.

“Spirit told me to hide back and not go upstairs with the rest of the group. I knew I had to set the pillars of the "11" as I explained in my previous talk. I could not do that inside an enclosed room.

11am I found the big X on a boulder that identified the gateway on the two mountains. The Pillars were set using the symbols Spirit had shown in dreamtime, on Huana Picchu and San Miguel. Once set, the doorway between the pillars appeared as a huge bluish mist and was actually seen by people on Huana Picchu at 11:05am and they were cheering wildly.

Immediately, the ascension of many occurred as they were being drawn up from the earth in this part of the world. Static was flashing in the gateway.

​I prayed! I was really afraid for a few minutes as it was very dark and asked that the Angels come to hold the gateway. At 11:12am the lightening flash went from pillar to pillar. The ascension phase was done and the Gateway to the dimensions opened for us to see first the WOMB.”
The womb as seen from the upper room at 11:12am

Later on the way home, Keiko another program facilitator, and Susan sat side by side on the plane. Susan spoke with Keiko to ask her one question. When did she start using the Diamond frequency? Keiko said that she had started in England in 2004 at Stonehenge! That's where Susan’s group had set frequency in Stonehenge in 2003. Keiko arrived to reinforce what had been started, to one day use it at Machu Picchu. See how this all interconnects? When you live in the Light of Divine Spirit, it just flows.

Susan would like to repeat for the record, what she said in her talk to the group afterward:
4. Susan used the Unity Symbol into the gateway after the sunrise ceremony, sent it to  the Heart Chakra, Mt. Shasta and Mt. Shasta sent it on to 33 countries over the  earth.

5. Susan found the boulder with the X on it and the alignment determined. The Light Of The Creator of ALL was granted to form them.

6. The Master Symbols to request the Opening were used for Ascension and Gateway.

Then, it all happened!


At the last moment, Susan’s partner was able to come with her to Peru. His assistance to Susan and to others kept everyone moving and alive. At some critical moments, he was able to diffuse a potential problem that did not manifest because of his quick action.

Two persons in readings, given to them prior to the 11-11 event, drew independently of one another, the two Master Symbol cards for ASCENSION. Susan had not planned on ascension keys at that point. When they did this it became necessary to give them instructions as to how to use them on 11-11. Spirit had called them. A third person approached Susan asking how to help people ascend; that completed her rule of 3 times- its sealed. It became necessary for Susan to add the Ascension Prayers at the gateway opening.
It was there that The HEART Offering was made. The Skulls are the key as they do not come from here but from the hand of Itza Son of God/Goddess to the Maya. 

The 13th Crystal Skull is the HEART OF THE CHILD!

2. You received the Light of the Creator from Susan’s attunement at sunrise. See below

3. If any of you have studied Drumvalo's platonic symbol work you will know that the Diamond Frequency is the  CHILD! You also received the Diamond frequency at sunrise from Keiko!!! She called the Mother and gave the frequency to all of you. Remember??

Susan knew that she'd be opening the gateway for the new reality birthing, but this was magnificent! This story actually began in England at the earth meridian called the womb of birthing, an ancient stone structure, that had been bound by…well, that's another story. Check out Book IV - In The Eye Of The Goddess.

The earth is interconnected by meridians and Peru marked the spot for this birthing to occur on 11-11. In 2003, things had to be set up for the birthing. The government told the group that  they "were in the way of the cameras" that they had set up- they knew it too. They got these pictures and wanted the group out of the way so they could get them. We were all in the right place, at the right time. That's OK, as we are all in this together.

What wasn't known was that there are Master Key Symbols that must be used to open dimensionals from this side. Those symbols are in ancient teachings that Susan has studied and used for over thirty-five years. Miracles occur.

Certain requirements must be fulfilled and cannot be "manufactured" or even spoken of. They must occur naturally of the Heart desire. The HIGHER DIMENSIONAL opening will only occur when the requirements are met.


1. When the HEART ENERGIES are present- that of the 1 Heart 1 Mind, Male and Female Divinity is Present.


3. THE DIAMOND FREQUENCY must be called and requested by humanity from the HIGHEST into the area.

4. A UNIFIED Humanity on a global scale must want this.

5. The Pillars must be set, constructed, by the Light Of God in the proper alignment.

6. The Master Symbols to request the Opening be used.


1. Susan Isabelle is the Keeper of the 1 Heart 1 Mind 13th Crystal Skull that holds the energy on earth.

Above Photo by Helen, Australia

Susan Isabelle seen giving an attunement to the 1 Heart 1 Mind Light of the Creator of All at Machu Picchu, Peru. Note: see the Dove above their heads and the great beam of Light that was present!

​World is birthing!

11-11-11 Story Told!