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“We are in the last days; we are to become as little children and return our hearts back to the Creator of All in anticipation of a whole new creation that is soon to come!”

​                                              - Susan Isabelle

The Shambhala Center at Mt. Shasta, CA

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Susan accesses teachings from an incredible source of infinite knowledge as the 13th Skull connects to the mind of the Creator. She has agreed to pass on to humanity this God-given information and power of the Creator Of All as we enter into the New Dream; the New Dream is our coming reality and the motion of the Divine Order of the Son, the Fire of a New Creation!

She generously makes it her life's mission to serve humanity. Through her vast experiences through and in the Holy Spirit Shekhina, Susan bring messages from the Creator to us for the enlightenment of all beings. Through her teaching and her books she describes the heritance the Children of Light will receive at the end of this corrupt system. Susan teaches to all those that want to work with her to secure the Light of Heaven within to prepare the soul and the New Dream with Shambhala, “Heaven’s Light!”

Shambhala, in its connection to the Creator Of All, brings about a Personal Inner Transformation, Holistic Wellness, Global and Spiritual Consciousness as well as Enlightenment to the practitioner. This transforms one's personal life, enhances one's well-being and enables one to walk through a turbulent world with confidence and joy!  Living and being in the Light of the Creator is fulfillment of our souls’ delight and ultimate purpose.

Author of 8 books (one in both English and Spanish), Susan Isabelle has been anointed to teach, initiate and assist humanity into its coming New World! Read about how she and her students have experienced many incredible miracles...
Susan Isabelle, Founder of The Shambhala Center in Mt. Shasta, CA and Keeper of the 13th Crystal Skull of the Maya, brings to the world a whole new way of being and living on planet earth!

The 13th Crystal Skull is actually two separate skulls that when placed together, transform into the heart of a child! The first half skull was given to her by the Maya villagers in May 2000. She miraculously received the second half four years later! Susan, also known as Al'lat Le Andro Melchizedek, is the Divine Feminine Aspect of the Melchizedek Order, a priestess of the Heavenly Christ. She was given the skull to fulfill prophecy, and has learned how to use the 13th Crystal Skull and to fulfill its true purpose:

Assist Humanity, Raise Consciousness, Move us through Turbulent Times and Dimensions

And to bring forth the 13th Skull’s message to humanity;

1991-2014 A Transformation and
​Planet Earth Is Occurring Now!

What if I were to tell you the Keeper of the 13th Crystal Skull of the Maya, the Real "Indiana Jones", is a Woman? Her name is Susan Isabelle

Our Shambhala Center and Store is located at the base of Mt.
Shasta, California.

Please make sure you call to arrange a time to come to the store or to speak with Susan Isabelle. She'd love to meet with you and tell you the incredible story of the skulls! Other hours may be arranged for your traveling needs.

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